Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five reasons I would preffer KDE over Unity

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As we all know, Canonical officially has stopped maintaining and funding Kubuntu.

However, this act did not stop the users get install KDE on their Ubuntu (or better, just install Kubuntu). Despite I'm usually a Unity fan, here is how I did choose to install KDE too.

1. Unity window management (eg. Compiz) is a bit slower than Kwin. There is Unity 2D which runs faster in the price of visual effects.

2. The Unity dashes thing starts very slowly for the first time, and I've used it not very often. So it is useless for me. A kind of more traditional menu (like one found in KDE) is more acceptable and usable for me.

3. When in Unity, my favourite video player VLC starts very slowly. The same is with other Qt based apps. In KDE, the Gtk is prelinked and Gtk applications start faster.

4. KDE has very strong software collection (SC) around KDE libs. Unity has not. It even use GNOME control panel and plugs a controlling/setup app into compiz settings manager for customizing things that aren't window management related like launcher icon sizes, launcher animations, launcher edge etc.

Screenshot of Kubuntu 9.10 Netbook Edition

5.  Plasma themes are more eye candy than the plain brown to black Unity. And there is a great flexibility and customizability for Plasma. Even there is a special layout for netbooks.

So, here I've described my five reasons why I have switched to KDE and why I found KDE is more reliable than Unity.
And I hope KDE has less bugs than Unity.

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