Thursday, June 7, 2012

Meet SpeedCrunch - Qt based calculator for your needs

I'm a GNOME fan and my primary DE is GNOME or .... perhaps Unity. Recently I tried KDE on my fresh Ubuntu 12.04 and guess what... I really missed gcalc (Gnome calculator). The calculator shipped with KDE is very simple, ugly and has'nt a feature I really appreciate - complex (or not so) math expressions like that: 5 + 32*4 - 12 * (59-1/3)

But soon I found SpeedCrunch - the perfect gcalc replacement. It is very easy to use and even has a feature such a calc-as-you-type. Very convenient, eh! I was really impressed by its syntax highlighting and auto completion. Moreover, it can use variables and has Math book included - just in case you don't remember a formula.

Really cool. Too bad it is not included into Kubuntu by default.
But that is not a problem. You can always install it via command line or apper - just search for package speedcrunch.
sudo apt-get install speedcrunch

The qt-apps page says there will be next version 0.11, currently at alpha

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