Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ubuntu tool for fixing wrong F10 behavior on terminal

I used to get the terminal in my Ubuntu open all the time. There are so many things to do or manage via ter

English: Midnight Commander with default color...
English: Midnight Commander with default colors in GNOME Terminal on Ubuntu Linux. ‪Norsk (bokmål)‬: Midnight commander. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
minal rather file-manager or some application, like browsing my filesystem, editing config files etc.
And my favorite terminal based app is Midnight Commander.
Unfortunately, there is a strange behavior in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS gnome-terminal - every time I press F10 key  to quit Midnight Commander, it works like it activate right mouse button too and undesired contextual menu appears. Very nasty....

Of course there is a fix for that. And more, there is a tool for fixing that, avoiding messing up with config files and try-error-try cycle.
Here is it:
There is no need to install it. Just download, make it executable and run it. No harm at all. The bundle decompressed itself into /tmp directory and after that it deletes its temporary files by itself.

All you need is Python + Gtk bindings, I think they are installed in Ubuntu by default.
I wrote and publish this small application in hope it will be useful. Try it out and happy 'terminalling'

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So you made a Glade GUI for a Python script, which needs to be downloaded, made executable, then executed and clicked. Is this supposed to be simpler than just copy/pasting the right command ( from a web page into Terminal? :-)

Well, there is worse. Someone made a video showing how to install CCSM and use that! Crazy.

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